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The nRichDX Revolution System

Larger volumes, greater efficiency, unprecedented yields, highly confident results.

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Unleashing the potential of liquid biopsy 


Higher diagnostic sensitivity

Lower allele frequency

Lower allele frequency


Earlier cancer detection & treatment


Effective progression & resistance monitoring


Timely treatment monitoring & prevention

Features and Benefits of The Revolution System

Accuracy exceeding the competition

Recover more detectable mutations from liquid biopsies. The Revolution System was specifically designed to address the challenges of liquid biopsy. Competitor kits can't handle the same sample volumes and lack the recovery efficiencies built into The Revolution System for sample preparation.

Higher yields... even at low volumes

Using 5 mL of plasma, nRichDX had a significantly higher cfDNA yield than Competitor A and exponentially more yield at 15 mL


Highly efficient cfDNA extraction

Get more cfDNA from your extractions with the patented Revolution System. The adjacent figure shows an 88% recovery rate (175 ng/extraction) for the Revolution System after accounting for the 35 ng/mL background (measured in samples 5-8).

Revolution System cfDNA yield is proportionate across all sample input volumes

Recovery rates increase linearly relative to input size. Samples 1-4 all demonstrate linear recovery rates across the 5 mL-20 mL volume range, despite individual variability in cfDNA abundance (obtained using the Revolution System and the Revolution cfDNA Max 20 Kit).

Revolution System proportionately extracts the actionable cfDNA across all sample volumes


Broad compatibility across applications

Blood, plasma, urine, sputum, lavage and other biological fluids are all enrichable with The Revolution System. This broad range supports both current and forthcoming test.


Revolutionary results for demanding diagnostic applications

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