Increase liquid biopsy-based test sensitivity by delivering exponentially more target input for molecular assays


Join us in booth #2655 for the unveiling of the new nRichDX Revolution System at the 2019 AMP annual meeting

The patented nRichDX Revolution System overcomes the challenge of biomarker distinction from biological fluids by providing high volume, high-yield, efficient recovery and high reproduceability.  An industry leading 80% recovery rate coupled with up to 50 mL sample volume equates to exponentially more analyte captured, increasing molecular downstream test sensitivity.


Poster presentations


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center will present a posted showing data obtained using our platform:

Assessment of the nRichDX Revolution™ Instrument and Isolation Kit for Cell-Free DNA Extraction from Liquid Biopsy

Poster TT044 | Abstract 16939 | Technical Topics category


nRichDX Revolution Instrument and cfDNA Isolation Kit for Extraction of cfDNA from Large Plasma and Urine Sample Volumes Improves Yield of Rare Targets

Poster TT039 | Abstract 16906 | Technical Topics category

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