Join nRichDX at the upcoming Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC) 13th Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO, 31 July - 3 August 2022.

The CGC Annual Meeting is a unique gathering aimed at bringing the clinical genomics community together to create an environment of collaboration, education and networking. With the continuing and evolving partnerships between cytogeneticists molecular geneticists, pathologists, oncologists, and bioinformaticians, CGC is committed to playing an essential role in providing guidance on the best practice of genomic testing.

Scientists and staff from nRichDX will be on hand and in the exhibit booth to answer questions about nRichDX Revolution Sample Prep™ System for extraction of cfDNA and ctDNA from up to 20 mL of plasma or urine samples. nRichDX will exhibit its latest hardware and kits at the meeting.

The IVD-labeled Revolution System is built from the ground up for liquid biopsy applications and to maximize yields of cfDNA and ctDNA.

Unlike other sample prep platforms, Revolution Sample Prep doesn't use cfDNA yield-lowering sample pooling, bead recycling, and sample transfer steps. cfDNA and ctDNA yield is maximized by the unique nRicher™ Cartridge and Revolution kit chemistry. The Revolution System delivers more cfDNA and ctDNA than any other sample prep platform, enabling greater assay sensitivity and earlier detection of rare markers. This capability makes Revolution Sample Prep ideally suited for liquid biopsy analytical methods like NGS and ddPCR.

Stay tuned for more information about our plans for the 13th Annual CGC Meeting, including booth number and posters to be presented at the meeting.